Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Has Sprung?

Jeepers, another two months without writing anything! It's a lazy life so far in 2011, but there is a little bit of news here and there to report.

I've hit the 43-pound weight loss mark now (this all dates back to September 2010), and I'm continuing to take in the weekly Weight Watchers meetings. More pants are getting the heave-ho, and I finally decided to trek out to buy some better-fitting duds this very afternoon. Tilley's have a suburban Toronto outlet, and they were kind enough to help separate me from about $500 in exchange for a nice spring jacket, some lightweight jeans, and a new belt. I'm all set for my springtime walks (chief among which are the England and France hikes mentioned in my last entry). Now all I need is some springtime weather.

It's been a colder than normal late March in my area. There is still a bit of snow on the ground, and it's not going anywhere as long as the temperature persists in staying below the freezing mark. No matter, it's April as of this Friday and I've made it through another winter!

I have another holiday to think about and look forward to. I'm off to my favourite Switzerland destination, the village of Mürren, at the end of June. Four nights there, then a jaunt north to Berlin for two weeks, with a couple of new destinations thrown in. It will be great to meet up with old friends again, and yes there will be German beer.


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