Saturday, August 22, 2009

U Medvidku, Prague

U Medvidku

Na Perstyne 7
224 211 916

It's somewhere behind all that scaffolding. It's a beer hall, a restaurant, a brew pub, a small hotel, and a museum / souvenir shop! U Medvidku ("At the Little Bears") is one of Prague's most important suds-related addresses. Been there, drunk the beer, got the ball cap! What more can I say?

Well, how about a look inside, for starters? It's one of the larger "traditional" Prague pubs, and the ground floor features TWO rooms - the above is the one nearest the front door - with plenty of space to settle in and enjoy one of the Czech Republic's most famous, if not controversial, beers.

Yes, it's none other than Budweiser!! But this is NOT your Uncle Sam's Bud. This is Bud Right, the original Budvar, and its lovely taste bears absolutely no resemblence to the American Budweiser with the Clydesdales and the expensive TV commercials. U Medvidku offers a light and dark Budweiser on tap in its main room, plus a series of Budvar specials in another corner of the premises. Both Buds were fresh, delicious, and easily earned a solid 8 out of 10 happy gulps on Mooncattie's Yuk/Yummy scale of lager 'liciousness. All well and good....but these Little Bears have a special surprise waiting for you just up the stairs....

Do I look happy, or what? What?! It's U Medvidku's special own brew, none other than Old Gott! We patrons of the top floor were being supplied with this special darker, and slightly stronger, lager courtesy of a single spigot attached to a rather largish barrel on the other side of a glass barrier. Lots of copper kettles and bits and pieces of old brewing equipment, sadly not photographed by your rather far-too-pleased correspondent. The brewpub section of U Medvidku also offers a VERY strong (over 12%) X-Beer, but I was eager to avoid falling down and injuring myself until the last possible moment. Mission accomplished! Old Gott scores 9 out of 10 for me. What a lovely place this was to visit. Please can I go back?
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