Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mürren: A Swiss Slice of Paradise

My first visit to Mürren, Switzerland was in 2002. I was keen to enjoy some authentic Alpine scenery, and had read about this little village that was perched high atop a cliff in the Jungrau Region of Switzerland's Berner Oberland canton. Well...I fell in love with the place. I was back in 2003, and again in 2004 and again...

Now, in late July of 2008, I'm preparing to return to what has become something of a second home. I keep in touch with a few of the residents of Mürren via e-mail during the winter months (er, September to May!), anticipating a happy reunion with this beautiful hamlet. This year's trip is the latest visit for me in the calendar year - I arrive in Mürren on July 31 and stay until August 9th. I'm looking forward to renewing friendships with Denise the B&B manager, Tham and Ruth at the restaurant, Barbara at the train station, and Jeannette, the erstwhile tour guide. Then there are folks at the various dairies, shops and other parts of the village to say Hi to once again. Cablecars to ride. Cats to pat. Paths to walk. Water to drink. Future entries in this blog will focus on some of the highlights of my visit to Switzerland, plus my return to the beergardens of Munich.
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